Adverse Credit Mortgages – Home Loans For People With Poor Credit

Mortgage lenders offer many financing options for people with adverse credit. For those who don’t qualify for an A loan, you can use a B, C, or D loan to finance the purchase of your home.

These home loans offer short-term financing until your credit score improves and you can qualify for an A loan with lower interest rates.

Adverse Credit

Adverse credit is when you have a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or several late payments in your credit history. You can mitigate these marks on your credit report by including a letter explaining the circumstances. A health emergency or temporary job loss may help lenders over look your credit blemishes.

Large down payments can also help reduce your credit risk for lenders, qualifying you for an A loan. The property’s location is also a factor. However, even with poor credit, you can buy your home with a B, C, or D loan.

B, C, and D Loans

B, C, and D loans are based on your credit risk, which includes your credit score, income level, and down payment. So a B loan will have higher rates than an A loan, but lower rates than a C or D loan. While you can’t change your credit number overnight, you can improve your lending factors and qualify for better rates by increasing your down payment and reducing your mortgage amount.

Short Term Solutions

Subprime financing, which includes B, C, and D loans, offers a short term solution until you improve your credit score. An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) offers lower rates than a fix rate mortgage and makes sense if you plan to refinance for better rates and terms in the future. An ARM will have low rates for 1 to 7 years and then adjust after that period based on your loan terms.

If you find a good rate even with a subprime lender and you plan to spend several years in your home, you may decide a fixed-rate mortgage will save you money in the long run. Before you decide on either type of mortgage, be sure you compare the risk levels and interest costs over the long term.