Adjustable Rate Mortgage – Learn The Basics

What Is An Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)?

An adjustable rate mortgage is certain type of home mortgage that has a variable interest rate. Compared to a 30 year fixed mortgage, the borrower’s payment is considerabely less. This is due to the transfer of risk from the lender to the borrower.

The Structure Of An ARM

There is a wide variety of adjustable rate mortgage’s. The 2 main components can be recognized by it’s name.

When you review the different types of ARM’s, you’ll notice 2 numbers. You can get a 1:1, 3:1, 5:1, 7:1, or even a 10:1. This just a short list, but to explain further, the first number is the fixed period. Even though the name of an adjustable rate mortgage implies that it contains a fluctuating interest rate, these loans have a initial fixed period.

For example, if you are looking at a 5:1 ARM, the loan will be fixed for 5 years. Then after the initial period, the rate will adjust.

The second number shows how often the rate will adjust. Since all of the examples shown above end with the number 1, these loans will adjust every year after the initial fixed period. If the second number was a 2, the loan rate will adjust every 2 years.

Consider Your Needs Before You Apply

Before applying for a home mortgage, make sure that you consider your needs. Although the thoughts of a fluctuating interest rate might be scary, there are some safeguards, such as interest rate caps, that protect the borrower from burdening issues that American’s once faced. The most important part of choosing the right mortgage is to look at what fit’s your situation the best. Every home owner has different circumstances in life, and every home has a loan which suits a families, or individuals finances and comfort level.