Are You Looking for Real Estate Agent or Agency in North Cyprus?

Are You Looking for Real Estate Agent or Agency in North Cyprus? No need to search again and again. NorthernLandCyprus Real Estate – a good investment property or a welcoming place in North Cyprus.

NorthernLandCyprus Property has become a popular investment for many estate agency investors in recent years, with the majority of buyers being NorthernLandCyprus. Northern Land Cyprus has already implemented more than 150 housing projects of a high developer standard, approved by many customers. The opportunity of the NorthernLandCyprus provided a powerful stimulus for the North Cyprus residential property industry and tourism. Despite the fact that a large majority of North Cyprus voted in favors of reunification. This is a landmark case and should provide a stimulus to the North Cyprus property market.

Northern LAND takes care of its customers in securing confidentiality & maintaining trustfulness. Once you choose to live in one of our luxury residences, you become an appreciated member of Northern LAND family. Each Project receives dedicated attention from Northernland qualified team which will make bring your new home easy.

Money back Guarantee
On the day of completion, should you not be entirely happy with your villa, Northern Land guarantee to purchase back the property at the full purchase price.
· Northern Land will give you a full introduction to surrounding areas.
· Northern Land have show houses available on all of our projects for viewing.
· Ten years guarantee on all constructions.
· Five year guarantee on all exterior paintwork.

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